WOW! It’s Thinking Thursday already!

WOW! Today is Thursday already. Where has this week gone? It’s Thursday, so it’s Thinking Thursday here on this blog. Yep, it’s time to THINK and TALK with your young child. So here goes with some thinking and TALKing to help you get started on a fun activity that only requires your time and a tiny bit of energy.

First of all, the word “think” always takes me straight to thoughts of Rodin, as in Auguste Rodin (usually pronounced: row DAN with the emphasis on that capitalized syllable). Rodin is a sculptor who lived and worked a long, long time ago in France. No, you needn’t know how long ago nor do you need any more real knowledge about this Frenchman who carved real-looking statues…in order to TALK with your young child…even a 2 yr old!…about the man who made the really famous statue named “The Thinker.” It’s just my all-time favorite statue. It can be seen at the Rodin Museum in Paris, France. Replicas of this statue are all over my house and here on my desk…that’s how much I adore this guy who, well, helps me THINK up ideas for poems and books and stories and songs. WOW! 

Okay, let’s THINK about why Rodin gave this particular statue that name. You got it…the real-looking statue is of a man sitting in a THINKing pose. He sits with one elbow propped on his opposite thigh. He has that fist folded under his chin as if to prop his head…while he’s THINKing. Thus, Rodin named him “The Thinker”—just as I also named my poem about this statue. My poem says: 

His problem is surely a difficult one.

What can he be thinking about?

If I thought for more than four-hundred years,

I think I’d have figured it out.

Copyright © 1997 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz; from DON’T GO OUT IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!, Copyright © 1997 by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

WOW! Now you have a feel for about how long ago Rodin lived and worked. So now use that info to TALK with your young child. Yes, even a 2 yr old loves doing this THINKing and TALKing activity. Pose in that THINKing pose and invite your child to pose the same. Now, ask what each of you might be thinking about. Oh, the thoughts you’ll hear from your child!

Try this: Ask for and give  just one thought each time. This limit on our child’s response not only helps your child TALK about this one topic, but it also helps your child stay on the topic. And it helps focus attention on this activity. 

So there you have it. You and Rodin have had some THINKing and TALKing time with your child. And the fun part is that you can revisit this activity anywhere and at any time. Once you and your child have done this posing THINKing and TALKing fun a few times, consider the activity your own little private thing…and then, the next time someone else joins the two of you in the room, go ahead…strike your THINKER poses and see how long it takes your guest to ask what you’re doing. Then, it’s your child’s and your turn to TALK!

Have fun with “The Thinker” activity! Stop back by tomorrow for Free-form Friday…maybe we’ll TALK about another poem tomorrow. We’ll see what’s up for us by then. Meanwhile, go THINK and TALK with your child. WOW! It’s so easy…and doesn’t cost a cent! And go visit me at where you’ll find more poems under “Kid Treats” and “Parent Treats” and “Teacher Treats.” See ya!




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2 responses to “WOW! It’s Thinking Thursday already!

  1. Lance

    All I can say is “Wow!” Can’t wait to see what Free-Form Friday brings!

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