It’s Talking Tuesday…WOW!

pm-cover It’s TALKing Tuesday, so here’s a poem from my book titled Peaceful Me (available at to help you do some TALKing about the pain others feel when someone chooses to use  unkind or mean words and actions:

It Hurts!

When somebody
or kicks
or fights
or calls me names
or hits
or bites,
It hurts!

Copyright © 1997 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

Your toddler will hear and understand the message in this poem if you say the words often. And so will your 8 year old. And every age child in the middle there. Yes, it’s time to help every child be the best and most peaceful person he/she can be. And it’s up to you and it’s up to me to give children the very words to say when someone is being hurtful.

WOW! Heavy stuff to TALK about today. But perhaps some of the most important stuff we put out there on our children’s “plates” for them to use in their lives. Above all, be kind. See ya on Wacky Wednesday!


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