WOW! Talking Tuesday

shss-cover Today is TALKing day, so let’s talk about feelings. Look back to last Wednesday when we talked about the importance of giving our children the words to say when they feel hurt. So, today, let’s talk about some words to help children talk when they feel happy and words to use when sad feelings come up. Of course, the very best way to help children talk about their feelings is to MODEL TALKING about our own feelings.

Like, how does it feel to say good-bye to someone who’s leaving or when we are leaving someone we care about, or just leaving the playground? In my book Sometimes I Feel Happy, Sometimes I Feel Sad: Poems and Activities to Help Children Understand Their Feelings (endorsed by the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, and available at, one of the 14 poems says:

Saying Good-Bye

Sometimes I cry when I say “good-bye”
––to Mom or Dad,
––to favorite friends,
––to playtime fun when playtime ends.

Sometimes I cry when I say “good-bye”
––when somebody dies,
––when friends move away,
––when I have to move, but I want to stay.

Sometimes I cry when I say “good-bye.”

Copyright © 1997 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

Go ahead, tell children when you’re feeling sad and a bit of why you’re feeling that way. And talk about happy feelings and why you’re feeling happy. Do feelings of disappointment or guilt or helplessness come up for you? Sure they do! One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is to model talking about our feelings. Then they will have the words…and the permission, if you will…to talk about their feelings.

Go have a TALKing Tuesday…yes, talking is FREE…and be sure to tune in tomorrow for some wacky fun with nursery rhymes!


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