WOW! It’s Babs on Free-for-All Friday!

Don’t go out in your underwear today just because it’s Free-for-All Friday! Or for that matter on any other day…okay?

Now, if you don’t quite get why I’d begin today with such a ludicrous warning…well, stay with me here. Oops! It’s Free-for-All Friday, and that (to me) means we can jump here, there, or anywhere with ideas! So….

I’m gonna jump off in a new direction for but a minute…and then come back to that underwear of yours…or mine…or anyone’s.

FYI, my jumping off in a new direction will not only give you a new teaching tip with your young–or not so young–child; it will also give you time to get your underwear covered up with some outerwear. Uh-oh, there’s another word outerwear that could, but won’t today, take us off in yet a third direction. Subject for yet another day…

Okay…ludicrous…that’s the one word that caused us to get off underwear for a bit. Ludicrous…what a fun-sounding word that says so much! WOW! I wonder how long it will take your 4-year-old to say that word in perfect context once you’ve modeled it a few times. WOW! Now, there you have just one of many reasons I get called “Babs, The WOW! Lady!”

Okay, back to underwear…and why I warned: Don’t Go Out in Your Underwear!

DGU cover

See! ‘Cause it’s the title of a fun and colorful book I wrote that includes a poem by that same title, along with 60+ more “desserts” as kids call poems and books and songs they like to hear over and over and over.

But before you read that title poem, take your 4-yr-old (or older child) on a THINKing journey about my book’s title. Ask: WHY would Ms. Babs warn, “Don’t go out in your underwear!” Why, indeed? Gather up all of your child’s ideas and THEN read the poem aloud.

Don’t Go Out in Your Underwear!

If you went out in your underwear,
they might fall down–
then you’d be bare!
And if you went out in your underwear,
people might laugh
and point
and stare!
And if you went out in your underwear,
you might get a cold
and sneeze
and cough
and even freeze your bottom off!
And then…
Where would you wear your underwear?

Copyright © 1997 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz  (This book is available at

I know, I know, you’re reading it again and again, right? That’s because this poem is definitely a “literacy dessert”…it’s a read-aloud that causes your young listener to speak 3 magic words: “Do it again!”

Yep, those are magic words because when your child asks to hear a read-aloud again and again and again, your child likes the words and ideas heard…and is working to learn those words so that s/he can TALK those words! And the more talking your child does, the more learning that’s happening!

Yeah! Yeah! Have a great day! And tune in on Monday for more fun with yet another teaching tip or two around building your child’s storehouse of language and knowledge!

Hey! Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers Everywhere!


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