WOW! Funday Monday w/Babs!

Bridge cover

The Bridge is Up! by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz, available at

What a fun way to start my day on Saturday! I was having coffee with a friend at my neighborhood Starbucks. A mom comes over to say how much her 4 yr old son loves The Bridge is Up! She goes on to tell how they’ve just moved and Jonathon’s favorite book is deep inside one of many boxes. Mom says Jonathan is not happy about that.

WOW! How do you read aloud when you don’t have in hand the book he loves?

You ask him questions about that favorite book: Why can’t the bus go? Why does everyone have to wait? Do you remember who drives the tractor in that book? Which vehicle helps the monkey go? The giraffe? Who’s the passenger in the pig’s car? And so on…helping your young reader stay on topic to ask you some questions about that book.

You’ve just “read aloud” that favorite book in a whole new way. And in doing so, you’ve helped him THINK and recall details to TALK and answer your questions…or to THINK and recall details in order to TALK to ask questions.

You’ve helped your child practice a very important comprehension skill: to recall a story’s details. You’ve helped him stay on topic…a remarkable skill! And you’ve had a fun conversation around the language of a favorite book. WOW!


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