WOW! THINKing Thursday Already!

Let’s do some more THINKing today about those reading comprehension skills we tapped into on Tuesday this week.

Summarizing and retelling skills were the topic. So, what if your child throws some wacky words in the mix while retelling or summarizing that familiar book. This story you’re now hearing sounds off topic to you. But, listen carefully. You may be hearing your child being creative, THINKing and making up her own story––and that’s another very important skill that every good reader learns along the way toward becoming a good writer.pad w paper pic

So, if this happens and your child is telling a story that’s sounding sorta new to you, go with it. Grab some paper and pencil and let him watch as you record that story he’s telling. If he’s not yet reading and writing, he’ll be fascinated that you’re taking his words and turning them into print! Go on and read that print aloud so he can hear (and see!) the words he’s said.

Now, most likely your TALKer will THINK about what was said and what you’re now reading aloud. And she’ll want to change some of her words right then and there. As you help her fix up her story, you’re not only helping her learn to read, but you’re also helping her learn to be that really good writer you and she want for her!



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