Babsheadshot4-06Hey to all you who treasure children! WOW! Follow me on Twitter: poemgirl

Here on my blog, you’ll find encouragement, humor, hugging, peace, kindness, and more, all turned into literacy tools that you can tuck into your own toolbox for use with your child and/or with any child you encounter in daily living.

I’m Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz, a wife and mother; an M.S. Ed. educator of children birth to grade 6, special educator PreS to grade 12, former director of special education, former university instructor and teacher-training liaison; bestselling children’s author of 100+ books and 350+ poems for kids and those who treasure and guide kids; national education consultant to schools, educators,  parents, and the general public…and one who treasures children.

The other day, I encountered a 5 yr old out shopping with his mother and brother. This inquisitive fellow asked, “So, Ms. Babs, why do you like kids so much?” Hmmm. Thinking quickly, I replied, “Well, Emerson, I guess I’m just a kid who got stretched.” Seemed to meet his need to know.

My passion since I was a teenager has been to reach out to every child everywhere to help him/her to be the best learner and the best person s/he can be. And that means how to be the best TALKer, THINKer, and LISTENer in order to become the best READer and WRITEr possible.

Now, since I’m an idea person, a teacher, a practical thinker, and one who’s forever questioning to find out how or what or why something or someone ticks, I’ll be sharing with you in this blog tons of unique ideas and how-to’s learned from my many experiences in helping kids TALK, THINK, and LISTEN to become those great readers and writers.

This blog invites you to tune in each day (Funday Monday, TALKing Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, THINKing Thursday, and Free-for-All Friday) to gain tips for parenting that bring literacy into every room in your home, in your car, and into your every minute of time spent with or without your child clinging to your leg or propped up on your seat back.

Since the first 8 years of a child’s life are critical years for building a firm foundation for all learning potential, I’ll be focusing on those years…from birth to age 8. However, most of my tips and strategies can be easily adapted to older ages. I’ll point that out often as we go along in this joint endeavor to do the very best job possible of parenting4literacy with your Gem…er, your child!

Note that I said “we” which means you and I are in this together…so you don’t get to be a silent partner on this journey. Speak up! Let me know what works for you and your child, how it works , and what your child thinks about it all!

Oh, and go often to check out my site at http://www.ilikeme.com where you’ll find KID TREATS and PARENT TREATS and TEACHER TREATS, and much much more! You’ll also learn more about me, my experiences, and where you can see and read about my published works. Ready? Set? Let’s go…on this cooperative journey of learning for the benefit of YOUR child!


4 responses to “About

  1. Hey Babs,

    Nice website! Glad to hear you’re doing so well. I’ll forward this on to my step-granddaughter who has small children. She’ll probably be interested in your site. Thanks for including me.


  2. Hey Babsy, nice visit with you here today! Mother enjoyed! We love you and what you do,Sis & Mother

  3. Meg Green

    Babs, what did the 5 year old kindergarten student say to my question, “My goodness, am I watching first and second graders work?”


    “We’re ready for college.”

    She hears the five most important words in a child’s life.

    Keep writing,

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