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Babs is also a parent and a longtime educator, so she has written and shares with you tons of published and first-published poetic fun and meaning around these roles toward becoming the best parents and teachers each of us can be! Look also for the categories Kid Poems and Teacher Poems.

A really important literacy exercise for parents. (It’s so not what you think.)

Hey! It’s Free-for-All Friday! Is everyone in your house standing tall today? Sitting tall? Walking tall? Acting tall?

it's friday picIf not, well, you must have missed this week’s Wacky Wednesday post. And my cheer-along song to help all ages toward boasting each person’s own best! Yes, check out that cheer-along song!

Which reminds me of an aside question posed by a blog follower. Yes, previous posts are, indeed, currently available to you. Just scroll down to read the past two weeks of posts. Then click on “Archives” in the right side column for prior posts.

Okay, on to Free-for-all-Friday’s frolicking fun. You’ll remember that I mentioned yesterday how we’d take yet another look today at recycling. So we will do that….

But…since it’s Friday and only two days yet before Father’s Day, let’s step outside the norm and do something totally different today.

Let’s focus on YOU, the parent or caregiver. WOW! Let’s call today Parent’s and Caregiver’s Day!

Recycle!Now, as I think about parenting and giving care to children, I’m reminded of my own role as a parent, a parent who stands…in time…between my children and my own parent. WOW!

That kind of THINK-THINK-THINKing some years ago took me to thoughts about how parenting roles actually get recycled! WOW!

With those thoughts in mind, I wrote:

Recycled Respect
For years they thought we knew it allmom & girl clipped pic,dad and child's hand pic
for they were short
and we were tall.
And we used words they hadn’t heard,
and met their needs as each occurred:
We answered whys and hows and whens
and helped them make amends with friends.

As years went by, our wisdom waned:
we answered whys, and they complained.
They pushed to have the final word
and liked us to be seen, not heard.children picgrandpa and boy walking pic
No longer did we know it all,
for we were short
and they were tall.

For years they thought they knew it all,
but now they come around or call
to ask us what, or why, or how,
for they’re like us–
they’re parents now.

Copyright © 1993 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz. First published in Grandmother Earth Creations I, 1995.

nurse picAnd still more THINKing about the roles we parents get to play…took me here:

seamstress pic

Nurses nurse
Nurses nurse
and teachers teach
and tailors mend
and preachers preach
and barbers trim
and chauffeurs haul
and parents get to do it all.

Copyright © 1996 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz
First published in Familiarity Breeds Children, Meadowbrook Press, 1996

WOW! Time to do something real quick-like with me…are you ready?preacher pic

Here’s all you do. Lift either hand up above your head. Now, take that hand around behind your neck to touch the back of your shoulder. Got it there? Okay, now pat that back of yours a few times! We each just gave ourselves a wee bit of thanks for all that each of us does for our child! WOW!

Have a great day TALKing Tall with your child!

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! And a special shout-out to Nelson and to Tall Paul and Chance who are all celebrating this, their very first Father’s Day as daddies! Double WOW!

Hey! Tune in here on Funday Monday to see what’s up for an all-new week of literacy building with your child!


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What’s old is new again — even when it comes to garbage.

“Oh, the places you’ll go. The people you’ll meet.” Hey, it’s Dr. Seuss!dr seuss bio pic

And it’s THINK-THINK-THINK-ing Thursday!

Dr. Seuss would have liked joining us today, I THINK. Ya know, I should have asked him a few years back when he and I were shaking hands during autographing sessions for his and my books at adjacent tables. Ah, he’d like to THINK-THINK with us. I just know it.

WOW! A week flies by. We’ve gone places, done things, and met people. And as a week flies by, so the garbage piles up.recycle green pic

Okay, you may be in a mood such that right now you’d like to take that “garbage piles up” figuratively. But for some moments today, let’s THINK on it literally.

WOW! The recycling cans are full again!

And that thought leads me to THINK about the fact that I have seen our society’s concern for recycling…well, recycle itself. We’ll cycle back to that idea idr seuss cat in hat picn a bit here.

THINKing about recycling takes me to ways for you and your child to THINK and talk about recycling today. I’ll offer some writings to share with your child from toddler age to teenage.

It was in the late 1980’s and early 90’s when I first began to write about recycling for children’s needs and interests. As a visiting author and consultant, I traveled to school districts around the country.

Communities across this country were focusing on the benefits and how-to’s of recycling. We needed, folks said, to look for ways to reuse all sorts of our resources, both natural and manufactured.

Folks wanted their children to learn early on to THINK about our planet’s need for humans to do less tossing out. This meant that recycling became a hot topic in elementary schools. And publishers, writers, editors, and illustrators recognized the corresponding need for appropriate textbooks, library books, and classroom materials.

recycle logo picI and others began to include the topic in articles for textbooks, in poems, and in all sorts of children’s books. I began reading and reciting some of my writings about recycling each time I met with student and educator groups.

Children and teachers responded enthusiastically to any and every mention of recycling. Thus, I included “Earth Says” in a Poetry Works set of classroom materials with posters that, still today, grace classroom walls in schools here and abroad.

“Earth Says” also appeared on a bookmark. Then, I included the poem in my More Phonics through Poetry: Teaching Phonemic Awareness Using Poetry, this time to help children focus on the sound of a prefix before reading and writing its letter representation re-.spinning Earth pic

Earth Says
I’m giving you oodles of cues
To reduce, recycle, reuse.
It’s time to refuse
The choice to abuse
Or lose your freedom to choose.

Copyright © 1989 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz
First published in Poetry Works: The Second Stanza by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz (Modern Curriculum Press/PearsonLearning, 1993).

Younger children’s enthusiasm for “Gobble, Gobble, Munch!” saw this poem published similarly in another poster kit, with a second appearance as a picture book. The poem was later included in a poetry collection that’s housed in homes, schools, and public libraries around the country.

Cover GobbleIMG_2648

Gobble, Gobble, Munch! by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

inside Gobble IMG_2654Gobble! Gobble! Munch!
Gobble, gobble, munch!
Gobble, gobble, munch!
What will you be serving
on your street for lunch?

Don’t serve me paper!
Don’t serve me cans!
Don’t serve me metal
or aluminum pans!

Don’t serve me plastic!
Don’t serve me glass!
I would rather munch on
egg shells or grass.

Gobble, gobble, munch!
Gobble, gobble, munch!
What will you be serving
this garbage truck for lunch?

Copyright © 1991 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz
First published in Poetry Works: The First Verse by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz, (Modern Curriculum Press, PearsonLearning, 1992).

Times change. Interests change. And some time during the late 1990’s, I began noticing that the idea of recycling was not resonating with whole schools of children. That word was no longer on the tips of children’s tongues. WOW!

recycle earth picWearing my teacher hat, I continued to read and recite “Earth Says” and “Gobble, Gobble, Munch!” with nearly every group. Now, however, I needevintage red dress picd to follow up the readings with real teaching…to lead children toward an understanding of each poem’s context. Often I’d ask adults in the room if the community recycled. No, they didn’t. Hmmm.

Times change. Interests change. And just in these past few years, I’ve noticed that recycling has recycled itself! WOW! Whole schools of children are again versed on the word and its concept. Children tend to know about the need for and the how-to’s of recycling.

Yes. Items get recycled. That we know. I hope you and your child will have some fun naming such items in your home. Today and every day.Cool Cat pic

And then you can do some oral sorting out to exclude those items that may be biodegradable. Yes! Do make sure to use that big word with your child from age 3. Because children find that big word fun to say! And I promise you’ll soon hear your young child saying the word while sorting recyclables! WOW!

Aside from items and the concept of recycling, itself, lots of ideas and behaviors get recycled. THINK and TALK with your child recycle logo2about how fads and fashions come and go. TALK about hair styles, “cool” words that cool kids utter, or potluck dishes like the ones I tasted at a pool party last week. Hmmm. Those recipes from the 70’s struck folks of all ages––right here and now in 2009––as being mouth-wateringly new!Daddy-o pic

I leave you today with thoughts of recycling…items, fads, foods, behaviors, what-have-you. Enjoy your day of THINKing and TALKing about recycling with your child! While you’re at it, try recycling fun together with an old toy or book or game.

And tune in here tomorrow for a bit more about recycling…and some Free-for-All Friday frolicking fun!

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